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Bringing nearly twenty years’ experience to the table, Brandy established Baxter-Thompson Law, PLLC to help clients with inheritance disputes, including will contests, trust matters, and cases where fiduciaries fail to act according to their fiduciary duties.

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Practice Areas

Navigating Estate & Trust Litigation

Bringing solutions to complex problems

Baxter-Thompson Law will help you navigate your case and bring you to the best course of action – whether it is negotiation before the lawsuit is even filed, winning a case through summary judgment, or taking the case to trial before a jury.


Brandy Baxter-Thompson

Baxter-Thompson puts passion in litigation, helping clients through what is, for them, a difficult time – making it easier by providing sound advice in language clients understand.

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Client Testimonials

  • "Brandy is the epitome of the southern steel magnolia: soft and compassionate on the outside but tough as nails on the inside. In the 8+ years my sisters and I worked with Brandy she not only met our expectations but exceeded them. After our parents passed, we found ourselves overwhelmed with an incredibly complex set of trusts and properties to address. She even found herself selling an airplane in the process! Brandy painstakingly went through all the paperwork we’d been provided and then had the dubious job of translating it all into comprehensible English. Working with our financial people, Brandy finessed our tax consequences and our best tax options. My sisters and I recommend Brandy’s firm under any circumstance you might face whether convoluted or simple Trusts or Wills, or any other confusing situation you have. Ours was, albeit complex, easier dealt with knowing Brandy had it under control."
  • “The most important factor in my recommendation for Brandy is that she was able to win the case with motions prior to a jury trial. Brandy had experience with the court that we were assigned. This allowed her to know the court’s expectations of the litigants and the daily operation of the court. In the case itself Brandy kept the focus on the law and did not let us stray into arguments that were not relevant. She was able to explain why so many of the personal arguments keep the focus off the actual dispute. This saved a lot of time and kept the focus on winning the suit. In addition, Brandy is professional and personable. Brandy made the effort to understand our family dynamics. That was extremely helpful in moving the issues forward and ultimately coming to a successful conclusion. I fully recommend Brandy Baxter-Thompson for estate litigation.”
  • “I was appointed guardian of my elderly aunt after we discovered her daughter was taking her and her partner’s money. Brandy was recommended by a lawyer my aunt previously used for her will. I had never been involved with lawyers before, so it was very intimidating, but Brandy and her staff directed me through every step. I really didn’t have to do much at all which was exactly what I needed, since I was unfamiliar with the processes. My aunt recently passed so I won’t be working with Brandy much longer, but I really thank her and her staff for their assistance through an extremely difficult time.”
  • — Ruth Chandler
  • — Jon Mitchella
  • — Jennifer McFall

Fee Arrangements

Baxter-Thompson’s goal is to defeat and negotiate claims without filing suit, saving you substantial cost in fees to the trust, and mental hardship. But in the case that litigation is necessary, there are alternative fee arrangements available which best align with the case and client.

A contingency fee means that our firm’s fee is based on the outcome of your case. A contingency fee arrangement is not appropriate in all cases. If you are interested in pursuing a matter under this financial arrangement, we can discuss this option and determine what is best in your situation.

Our hourly rates vary depending on the nature and complexity of the matter.